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Newtonics Spectra Inc. (NSI) was started in 2004 by three high-tech veterans in the semiconductor laser and optics industry. OptoSmart™ Golf is a NSI company.

The company’s mission is to develop practical solutions and products for everyday consumers with its cutting-edge laser and optical technology.

With a passion for golf, the company first introduced a line of laser putting training products in 2005 under the trademark OptoSmart™. This product line quickly drew the attention of professional golfers and top teaching professionals in the golf industry for its effectiveness in putting improvement.

In 2006, the company introduced a putter with a removable laser that seamlessly integrated onto any putter. Golfers can enjoy the benefit of using OptoSmart™ laser trainer during practice and compete with the same putter.

The NSI team has 30 years combined hands-on experience in semiconductor laser, optical design, and manufacturing. Many successful products were used in spacecrafts, telecommunications, bio-medicine, and other industrial applications.

The company has an in-house mechanical design, optics design and laser module production facility. NSI is a privately held company located in the Silicon Valley in California.

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