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See Our OptoSmart™ Laser Plumb Tool (As seen on the Golf Channel and used in the PGA tour.)

PerfectLine™ Laser Putting System

The PerfectLine™ Laser Putting System creates consistency and accuracy, and it will lower your score, whether you are a novice or a pro.

The PerfectLine™ Laser Putting System attaches to any putter (fits mallet or blade putters) in seconds, and its featherweight design will not change the putter's dynamics. Also available as a PerfectLine™ Integrated Laser Putter.

Patented Laser Technologies

The PerfectLine™ Laser Putting System ensures precise alignment, line, and path.

Golf club alignment
Perfect Club & Body Alignment: Uses patented technologies (patent no. 7,118,488) to project a laser-precision beam from the putter's sweet spot, over the golf ball, and through the target.
Golf target alignment
Perfect Target Line: Extends a vertical plane above the golf ball and up any vertical surface, providing accurate target alignment and real-time feedback on club angle configuration.
Golf swing path
Perfect Swing Path: Offers immediate swing path feedback so you can train your movement and muscles to drain perfect putts on the green.